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«Respect for the past – that is the feature which distinguishes education from savagery»
Alexander Pushkin

Pricing parameters of the provided services

Comprehensive and profound genealogical research of high quality requires significant spendings for numerous types of work. This expensive service is ranked as a luxury.

Genealogy reconstruction is time-consuming, hard and intensive work of the entire team of archivists and analysts, journalists and photographers, historians-genealogists, heraldists, authors-compliers and writers, designers and layout designers. As a result, the genealogy book is published in several copies in an exclusive handmade book cover.

We deal with orders starting form 130,000 rubles. Each project is unique and is composed individually from a diverse set of basic services. In addition, work process opens new promising areas of research.

We offer the following basic services:

Archival search of high quality requires significant expenses, so the desire to learn reliable facts about your ancestors from the depths of ages is a reasonably expensive pleasure. In  average, we compose a family tree, which includes from 200 to 800 people (the maximum figure in our experience totalled 3,000 people within two family lines).

As a result, you will receive a reliable genealogical tree, which contains legal ID confirmations for each person: a copy of archival document (photo or scan) and an official state-recognized certificate.

Those documents and unique file number will allow checking the veracity of the facts anytime. The results of the archival search are provided to the customers in the form of a genealogical scheme and report, which comprises the collected data and the course of further research prospects.

This result creates solid background for genealogical book project.  read more
— a fundamental work on the history of one’s genus, the result of our painstaking work with biographical, ethnographic and genealogical data.

The book is created on the basis of documents, photographs and memoirs of family members. The history of one’s dynasty on the background of general history is an encyclopaedia that will be read by relatives and friends, parents and children with great interest and gratitude.
  read more
This is a unique scheme of the genus, compiled on the basis of genealogical research. The tree is produced by individual order and can be designed as a picture on a wall, parchment, scroll, chronicles, etc. Also, the design can be decorated with your family crest, family estate picture and much more ...  read more
We can organise a trip for our team of professional historians, journalists, photographers to your historical homeland and other places linked with your family history in order to take interviews with relatives and old-timers, carry out necessary search in relevant museums and the local authorities’ archives, as well as to organise artistic photoshoot and video filming (the service is provided in accordance with individually agreed budget).  read more
We investigate the information, kept by the government bodies responsible for the registration of the acts of civil status. This allows to re-establish the connection with people that you’ve lost touch with or those, who changed the names and addresses of residence, etc.  read more
The Great Patriotic War affected every family in our country.
Until recently the military archives used to have certain access restrictions, but now we have the opportunity to restore some frontal stories of your relatives and ancestors.  read more
Archives in Russian libraries represent a huge treasury of information, which may contain valuable facts about the history of your family.

Our investigations includes studying local newspapers, provincial bulletins, magazines, papers of various organisations, and so on. 
The historical memory of one’s family is often concentrated in private memories that pass away together with a person. In order to keep these memories as detailed as possible, we conduct professional interviews with representatives of your family and close friends. The stories are collected by journalists and go through the process of fact checking and literary adaptation.  read more
We will help you establish and / or confirm kinship using the latest technologies. Our partners are specialists in DNA analysis. 

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